Our Vision

Rebekah Bianca Photography’s vision is to provide couples with glowing visual stories that capture the emotion and atmosphere on your wedding day.

Our Service

When working with Rebekah Bianca Photography, you’ll feel that you’re working with a good friend throughout the entire process – which is precisely Rebekah’s goal. Rebekah draws out the most beautiful, authentic images when her couples feel as happy and comfortable as can be, for it’s in those moments when the real magic happens.

Our Style

Rebekah’s candid and rustic style produces a collection of stunning photographs that will transport you back to any second of your wedding day you wish to relive. With Rebekah, you’ll receive dreamy, timeless images of exceptional quality.

If you’re on the hunt for a genuine, passionate wedding photographer who can innovatively capture the most significant moments of your wedding, look no further. Rebekah Bianca Photography is a leading Adelaide wedding photography company known for their perfect blend of professionalism, talent, and fun – with a touch of playfulness thrown into the mix.

Rebekah Bianca Photography
Rebekah Bianca Photography

What you’ll love about working with Rebekah Bianca Photography for your Adelaide wedding

  • Flawless photographs. You won’t be disappointed when working with Rebekah Bianca Photography. Her authentic, driven nature not only has the power to ensure comfort, excitement, and ease throughout the process, but her high quality results speak for themselves.
  • You can leave the details to her. Rebekah Bianca Photography will take you out for a cup of coffee to determine your vision for the day. Here, she will also draw up a photography plan. After that, you can rest assured the ins and outs of your wedding’s photographic process are entirely taken care of.
  • You’ll be inspired. Rebekah’s life-loving disposition won’t only create an inviting, energetic atmosphere on your wedding day, but will inspire you to do as she does – have an incredible “shot at life!”


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